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21時以降食べないほうがいい理由 Better not to eat after 21:00.(English sentence is in)












I often recommend not to eat after 21o'clock in the clinic. Your digestion system works better when it is in vertical ;while your are in the posuture of sitting or standing than in horizontal;while you are lying.


When digesition rate is slow, the indigested food remains in the bowel for long time, which cause inflammation in the gastrointesitine, facilitate accumulation of lipid. Our body consume the energy(ATP) to reduce inflammation,  that means  inflammation disturb efficiency of energy(ATP) because the quantity of energy production is not unlimited.


On the otherhand, fasting promote energy production from ketone, which comes from lipid. It is said that this energy production from ketone is good for the cerebral activity. So, when you missed to eat dinner, it is better to try mini fasting. I bet you can work smarter.


You will get flat stomack.


At night, it is good to drink herbal tea without cafein . I recommend the malberry tea rich in aminoacids.